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The various watercolour paintings were created using current newspaper editorial articles to form the figures. Each figure therefore has their own individual story to tell. The paintings illustrate everyday life scenes from coastal towns of the Canadian Maritimes and of the Yucatan region of Mexico. They are part of a recent series of paintings entitled "Tequila and Fish Stories".

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Rainer Wenzl

Rainer Wenzl is a multi-media artist/photographer whose work has been published in many international publications and exhibited in numerous galleries. For thirty years he worked as an art and digital media teacher at an art school in Toronto. A year ago Rainer retired as an educator and now currently working as an artist and designer in Port Elgin, NB.

Rainer works in a variety of mediums; historical photographic techniques, printmaking and lead glass just to name a few. His work reflects the beauty of everyday scenes that surround us as. He tries to capture the qualities of the "unseen" that surround us in our daily existence.

As a photographer he expresses himself by combining modern imaging with traditional alternative printing processes. Rainer begins his photographic process by capturing images using a variety of methods, ranging from traditional Black & White film photography to contemporary digital imaging. He then creates multiple images that are combined to create a single scene. These scenes are processed using historical printing processes, such as, cyanotype and gum-bichromate. The gum-bichromate printing process allows him to achieve a painterly expression in his work and which he further manipulates using watercolour, oils and a variety of mixed media.

Rainer’s recent watercolour paintings, block prints and leaded glass work, also combine contemporary techniques with traditional processes and express the beauty of the scenery that surrounds him in his new environment, the Maritimes.

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Alternative Photography

The Photographs in this gallery are created using a 250 year old photographic process known as gum-bichromate printing. Many of the images were created from a variety of photographs that were digitally merged to create one and then printed with numerous layers of colours using the gum-printing process.

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Leaded Glass

All leaded glass works were created from original designs and use a variety of coloured glass and with copper foil and lead solder

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Depicted are etchings with aquatint and block prints. The block prints were created using lino blocks or birch veneered plywood.