Bert Jackson's Gallery

Sculpture and Painting

Bert Jackson

My name is Bert Jackson. I am a visual artist based in the Toronto area. My work includes sculpture, painting illustration, and the art of tattooing. I love to travel, and I love to experience art and life in it's great and bountiful diversity.

A common thread throughout my practice and through the various stages along the way is an interest in figurative work including the animal kingdom, with a treatment that spans the literal to the mythological. Since the beginning I have had a passion for depicting the animal world. I am a keen environmentalist even before it became popular in the nineties.

I am seeking what many artists have searched for, which is to uncover and explore beauty in life, nature, and the human form. I am also interested in truth, depicting the true essence of a subject even if the subject is fantasy or imagination. The emotion or symbolism can still express something genuine.

My aunt, Wook Kyung Choi was a well known artist in Korea, and she was a big influence on my creative process and my pursuit of an art career. When I am not spending time with my wife and little girl, I divide my energy between the tattoo shop and the art studio.

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