Rod Paget

Born 1953 in southern Ontario. Studied & worked in trade; achieved First Class Power Engineers Papers. Practiced acrylic paint for many years then, investigated Paper Mache for several years making monster fish for children's entertainment from fish to fantasy mirrors, incorporating children's toys in a Goth manner and Fantasy Art hero type statue, switched to oil for flexibility for portraiture, greater impasto drying time and layering of paint.

I create art for others to respond to… For the most part I engineer my art to be pleasing to the eye and emotionally positive. I have no political statement that I am aware of.

Sensual Tactile, worthy of extended observation and repeated assessment. The compositions are designed to bring the viewer forward into the piece. Further to be drawn in to see connections that allow the eye freedom following my pathways through the work. A journey or like a walk in the park with points of interest. Light and position and angle of view are always important to all my work. It is not good enough to see my work from one angle. The brush work or sculpted surfaces are intended to capture light and reflect it in a favorable way to invite the viewer a closer study from a variety of angles and times of day and lighting conditions whether artificial or reflected and or directed from a multitude of angles. My surfaces can be little 3 dimensional landscapes or like maps on some strange and wonderful continent… at least to me…for me a geographical journey through an inner world of places and emotion.