Alex Sauret

Expressionism can be defined as any artwork that is used to explain the distortion of ideas, moods, and the mind of an artist. I’m influenced by the early films of Tim Burton and enjoy studying the artificial, unconventional artistic techniques – exaggeration of the art, set designs and the substituted materials he uses to forge his landscapes and architecture. I also grab my inspiration from parts of the city I live in – old worn-down buildings, aged walls, rustic, beat-up doors and the raw aspects that the city holds.

Part of my creative process is discovering found objects, alternative media, and natural materials. The idea that you find and dust off something you can make into art, that’s where it’s rich. I’m skilled in traditional media like pencils, inks, acrylic and watercolour paints, and the combination of photography and mixed media.

When I create art I get a sense of ease and fulfillment and I don’t like to limit myself to one thing, I’m mainly talking about my analog work – painting, drawing and mixed media; I like to stick what I’m good at and work hard to get better at the craft. While in the process of painting I often won’t just use paint, I’ll incorporate different size sticks, artificial or recyclable objects into my work; it makes it more unique and catches your eye when you first look upon it. Depending on what I’m creating, some of my work can be diverting and other times very abstract, solitude, obscure, foreboding, detailed and mysterious. The themes you find in my scenery/landscape work is “dark solitude” – I say this because the skies are often dark & ominous, and the sticks are spaced far enough apart that the ground looks bare, as opposed to thick and full of life. Artwork is capable of provoking an emotional experience from the onlooker. Colours are used to incite feeling; materials are used to create scattered shapes and designs, which symbolizes something more than just using paint to each piece of my work.

“As soon as my brush hits the paper, art becomes a window through which I can escape. In my work, I express my feelings and thoughts, leaving behind a sense of mystery”